User PRO

Discover the USER PRO – More functionalities to your digital business card

Elevating Professional Networking

At Knowee, we understand that the way professionals manage and share their contact information is constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve designed the User PRO plan, an innovative digital business card packed with features tailored for those looking to take their networking to the next level and enhance their presentation in any context, whether social or professional.

Key Features of the User PRO Plan

Multiple Digital Cards
The User PRO plan allows users to create up to three different digital cards, each with personalized information for various situations. This feature is ideal for those who want to share different types of information depending on the moment and audience, always ensuring a professional and appropriate presentation.

Digital Cardholder with OCR
We know that managing business cards can be challenging. That’s why the User PRO plan includes a digital cardholder that allows you to store all received cards, including paper ones. Thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, you can scan any physical card and instantly save all its information in an organized manner on your device.

Wallet Integration (iPhone Wallet & Google Wallet)
Carrying your business cards has never been easier. With integration into Apple and Google Wallets, Knowee’s digital cards are always accessible. This feature ensures you always have your business card on hand, ready to be shared with a simple touch.

Multimedia Marketing Content
Knowee’s digital business card becomes a powerful communication tool. With the ability to add videos, banners, images, and links, you can share any relevant information and provide an interactive and engaging experience to your contacts. This functionality allows you to stand out and provide additional value effortlessly.

Email Signature Integration
To maximize your reach, the User PRO plan allows you to integrate your digital business card directly into your email signature. Compatible with Outlook, Gmail, and other email clients, this feature ensures that every email you send includes your business card, facilitating its widespread distribution and professionalizing each email interaction.

A Sustainable and Efficient Solution

The User PRO plan is not only an advanced tool for networking but also promotes sustainability. By opting for digital cards, you eliminate the need to print paper cards, thus reducing environmental impact. This solution not only saves money and time but also simplifies updating and distributing your contact information, eliminating the issue of obsolete cards.

It’s time to leave behind paper cards and welcome a new era in professional networking. Join us and discover how the User PRO plan can transform your way of networking and presenting yourself to the world.