Personalized plans

Personalized plans

Our plans are tailored to suit your organization, regardless of whether you are self-employed, an SME, a multinational or a start-up company. They are designed to be flexible and scalable, meaning you can choose the one that best fits your current situation and, as your business evolves, Knowee will be at your side, offering you the right solution at every stage of your growth.


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This plan Includes:

GDPR compliant


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This plan Includes:

GDPR compliant


A business solution tailored to you. You will have full control over your cards.

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This plan Includes:

GDPR compliant
Features Free User PRO Companies
Digital credential with all your data that you choose: personal, personal, professional, social Up to 3 digital cards Up to 3 digital cards per user
Choose from a selection of card templates for all styles 40+ 40+ Custom template design. Exact image.
Include your logo on your credential
Cards for the Wallet. Native format for Android and Apple Wallets
No mobile app necessary. Full responsive
Native app for Android and iOS
Video tutorials to include your card in your email signature in Outlook, Gmail and others
Unique URL for your credential
SSL secure communication. Digital certification. Encrypted data.
Data stored encrypted in EU territory. GDPR Certificate
No advertising
Online access to modify your credential Fully configurable permissions
Card visit statistics Yes. For each card. Yes, for each card and aggregate in Dashboard
Online control panel for credential management and data visualization
Administrator profile to access your organization's control panel
Centralized data modification Per card
Online personal card holder to store received cards. Search, share and export to Excel / VCF
OCR to scan paper cards to card holder
Additional content managed from the control panel: text, images, videos, links, buttons, etc. Template targeting and segmentation
Card page customization by templates: background and button colors, typography, text size, etc. Yes. By card.
Export cardholder to CSV for CRM And corporate cardholder
Email signature tool: design and modify the signature of all employees in real time. Without user's intervention. Manual Manual
URL masking
SSO. Corporate authentication. No more passwords
Synchronization of users and cards (sFTP or API)
Initial creation of users and cards included
Auto Sync with Salesforce
Support and training included

Do you want to know more about how our system works?

It allows you to have absolute control over your digital business credential, share your digital card and your contact information, choosing which ones and with whom at all times. Additionally, you can unify your email signatures. You can design it to your liking, using any of our templates or with your own image. Once you have your credential in Knowee, your contacts will no longer have to scan, correct, check, sort and store your business card. They will be able to access your digital credential and save or download your contact directly to Outlook or their smartphone.

When creating your digital card, you can use any of our 40 custom designs and even upload your own card image. You can also include all your personal or professional data, including social networks. Additionally, when you need it, you can modify any data or even the design by logging into your Knowee account. And if you have the plan for corporate use, we can create an exact graphic design for your company's business cards that will help you enhance your brand image.

In short, this process works the same for 1 or 30,000 users and anywhere in the world:

  • We create the graphic design of the company's business cards following the corporate guidelines 100%. It is not an approximation, the design is exactly what you want.
  • We create all the cards you want to create in a bulk load (according to the data you have sent us in the data template)
  • We communicate to users their new digital business card along with instructions for use. Of course, with a personalized email agreed with you so that it sounds and looks like you.
  • We quickly train admin users so you can handle everything yourselves (it's easy).
  • We give you all the support, rated as exceptional by our clients.

And we will be at your side throughout the entire process so that this is easy, not just another complication.

Very easy. We put a lot of effort into making this process very simple and easy for you. If there are no integrations or we leave them for later, the process is as follows:

  • You send us the design you want for the digital cards in PDF, Photoshop or some format that we can use. You send us the font files if they are not public.
  • We give you an Excel model with all the possible fields so that you can fill in the data of the cards to be created. You send it back to us.
  • Once we have this material, it will not take us more than a week to have all the users and cards created and ready to distribute.

Yes, if you are an NGO or non-profit company aligned with Knowee's objectives, we can give you a 50% discount on all our rates. We will be happy to help you in your challenge. (Subject to evaluation by Knowee).

While Knowee remains accessible to all users at no cost, our platform also offers two personalaized plans: Knowee Enterprise and Knowee Team Plan. Knowee Team plan is tailored for teams with two or more members. Including your logo and managing invitations from manager dashboard as part of the functionabilities. Knowee Enterprise is designed for large corporations, boasting specialized architecture and capabilities essential for enterprise support providing flexibility with CRM integrations, customizable card templates, and a corporate directory.

  1. Develop a comprehensive and detailed team plan that addresses both individual and collective needs, aiming to foster collaboration, effective communication, and the achievement of shared goals within your organization.

  2. Crafting a solid and well-structured team plan, taking into account the skills, strengths, and roles of each member, is crucial to establishing a strong foundation that promotes cohesion, trust, and effectiveness in teamwork.

  3. Implement a team plan that not only clearly defines the objectives and responsibilities of each member but also provides a flexible framework for conflict resolution, change management, and adaptation to evolving dynamics in the work environment.

  4. Build an integral team plan that includes strategies to foster diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect among team members, in order to create a healthy and productive work environment that drives innovation and organizational growth.

  5. Elaborate a meticulously designed team plan that integrates elements of personal and professional development, such as training, mentoring, and continuous feedback, to promote individual and collective growth, thereby enhancing performance and job satisfaction.

  6. A well-conceived team plan acts as a catalyst to enhance collaboration, creativity, and synergy among team members, resulting in superior performance and greater job satisfaction.

  7. The implementation of an effective team plan requires a holistic approach that considers not only the technical and professional skills but also the emotional and interpersonal aspects of each team member.

  8. A solid and well-executed team plan serves as a roadmap that guides team members in achieving their individual and collective goals, maintaining a balance between autonomy and collaboration.

  9. Creating a coherent and results-oriented team plan involves identifying and leveraging the unique strengths and talents of each member, promoting an inclusive and enriching work environment.

  10. A well-structured team plan not only sets clear expectations and provides adequate resources but also fosters a culture of mutual support, where successes and challenges are shared and celebrated together.

  11. Effective team plans lay the groundwork for successful collaboration and goal achievement within organizations of all sizes.

  12. Developing comprehensive plans tailored to team dynamics and objectives ensures clarity and alignment among members.

  13. Team plans serve as invaluable tools for guiding decision-making, resource allocation, and performance evaluation.

  14. Well-crafted plans facilitate communication, coordination, and synergy among team members, driving productivity and innovation.

  15. Plans that prioritize flexibility and adaptability enable teams to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in dynamic environments.

  16. Implementing robust plans fosters a sense of accountability, ownership, and collective responsibility among team members.

  17. Regular review and refinement of plans allow teams to stay agile and responsive to changing circumstances and evolving goals.

  18. Collaborative planning processes encourage diverse perspectives, creative problem-solving, and continuous improvement within teams.

  19. Effective plans establish clear objectives, timelines, and milestones, providing a roadmap for progress and success.

  20. Strategic planning empowers teams to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, enabling proactive decision-making and risk management.

  21. Effective team plans are the cornerstone of successful organizational performance, providing a roadmap for achieving objectives and fostering collaboration among team members.

  22. These plans typically include a comprehensive analysis of team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing for informed decision-making and resource allocation

  23. . Moreover, they outline clear goals, timelines, and performance metrics to measure progress and success. By establishing roles, responsibilities, and communication channels, team plans promote accountability, transparency, and alignment throughout the organization.

  24. Regular reviews and updates ensure that plans remain relevant and responsive to changing circumstances, allowing teams to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments. Ultimately, well-executed team plans empower organizations to leverage their collective expertise, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

  25. In today’s competitive business landscape, effective team plans are essential for driving organizational success and maintaining a competitive edge. These plans provide a strategic framework for aligning team efforts with overarching business objectives, ensuring that every member understands their role in achieving shared goals.

  26. By delineating clear responsibilities, workflows, and communication protocols, team plans facilitate collaboration and streamline decision-making processes. Additionally, they enable teams to proactively identify and address potential challenges, mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities for success.

  27. Through regular performance monitoring and feedback loops, team plans empower organizations to adapt and optimize their strategies in response to changing market dynamics and stakeholder needs. Ultimately, well-crafted team plans serve as a guiding light, empowering teams to overcome obstacles, achieve breakthrough results, and drive sustainable growth.

  28. Robust team plans are vital for organizations looking to maximize their performance and drive meaningful outcomes in today’s fast-paced business environment.

  29. These plans provide a comprehensive roadmap for aligning team efforts with strategic objectives, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and goals are achieved efficiently. By clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations, team plans foster accountability, transparency, and collaboration among team members.

  30. Moreover, they facilitate communication and knowledge sharing, enabling teams to leverage their collective expertise and creativity to solve complex problems and seize new opportunities. With built-in mechanisms for monitoring progress and measuring success, team plans empower organizations to adapt and respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. In essence, well-designed team plans are essential tools for driving innovation, fostering resilience, and achieving sustainable growth in today’s competitive landscape.

  31. Effective team plans are critical for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of their workforce and drive meaningful results. These plans provide a clear roadmap for aligning team efforts with strategic objectives, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal.

  32. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective team plans are essential for organizations looking to achieve their strategic objectives and stay ahead of the competition. These plans provide a clear roadmap for aligning team efforts with overarching business goals, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common purpose. 

  33. Strategic team plans are indispensable tools for organizations seeking to optimize their performance and achieve their strategic objectives. 

  34. Effective team plans are essential for organizations looking to optimize their performance and achieve their strategic objectives in today’s dynamic business environment. 

  35. Well-crafted team plans are essential for organizations seeking to maximize their performance and achieve their strategic objectives. These plans provide a roadmap for aligning team efforts with overarching